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I'm a software engineer living in San Francisco, CA. Currently, I'm focused on HTML5, Javascript and 2D graphics. Professionally, I work at Gliffy Inc. developing the world's most intuitive diagram editor.

Before my entrance into the web development world, I was a console game developer working on titles for the Wii and PS3, mobile platforms and PC.

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Techology full resume available here

Here's a quick list of the technologies that I know or interest me:

Gliffy Inc. (January 2012 - Present)

Development of the Gliffy HTML5 editor began just a few months before I joined the company, so it was a great opportunity for me to help build the product from the ground up.

At Gliffy, I developed core components of the Gliffy diagram editor, including drag-and-drop, rich text editing, graphical transformations, rendering (SVG, PNG, HTML5), exports, layers, themes and web fonts.

Innovation Days

Learning and innovation are core components to being a great engineer. That's why I chose to run Innovation Days, a few days of innovation inspired by Atlassian's Ship-It Days.

We typically run these Wednesday through Friday, and engineers can team up to hack on whatever they'd like for a few days. A few of these projects have even made it into production!

Brown Bags

I've also done multiple in-house talks on topics such as 2D graphics for the web, advanced debugging with Chrome, and Test Driven Development.

Here's one of them about Debugging with Chrome.


I also had an opportunity to speak at the HTML5DevConf at the Moscone Center in October 2014. My talk was called "Thinking 2D to Learn 3D".

The goal of the talk was to teach javascript developers how to do graphical transformations for the web, as well as giving some insight on brand new web technologies such as the Web Animation API.

Slides, github links and other resources are available at (January 2014 - Present) is a tool that allows you to edit any website in realtime without reloading.

I'm developing the tool with a friend in my spare time because we saw a real need to deal with the pain of editing CSS and HTML and constantly hitting refresh.

Try out the bookmarket or Chrome extension! They're in a pretty early stage of development, so let me know if you have any feedback!

Moblyng (January 2011 - December 2011)

Working at Moblyng was my first chance to use modern web technologies professionally. I developed several games like WordRacer, Social Poker Live, and Wee Mee Life, and I maintained our framework for converting the games to native apps.

I also got a chance to develop backend features like leaderboards, payment processing, OAuth, and Facebook integration.

Backbone Entertainment (September 2005 - November 2010)

At Backbone I worked on many facets of game programming, developing games with tight memory budgets and CPU limits. Check out my resume for details.

Rock Band Titles

At my later days at the company, we developed ports and original games in the Rock Band series, including Rock Band 3 (Wii), Rock Band Unplugged (PSP), and Lego Rock Band (DS)

Death Jr. (Wii & PSP) & Midway Arcade Games

Earlier, we worked on original titles like Death Jr., a platform game about the son of the grim reaper. I also helped the emulation team with UI and framework for several downloadable games like Mortal Kombat 2 and Gauntlet on PS3.


ImaginEngine was my first job out of college. I got to work on a whole bunch of CD-Rom games for kids!


You can email me here. (Sorry, but the popup is my attempt at keeping bots from stealing my email address).
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